Ukrenergo celebrated its 20th anniversary

3 October 2019

The staff of Ukrenergo LLC celebrated its 20th anniversary. Founded in 1998, the company has become one of the largest gas traders of Western Ukraine.

“In 1998 I met with the owners of KGD company. We consulted and decided to engage in gas trading. Thus, we have started this business. After this we made a decision to invest in gas production. Today, Ukrenergo Holding is more than 600 employees,” said Taras Kernytskyi, President of Ukrenergo.
“Ukrenergo is a successful trader in Ukrainian market, supplying gas to many companies, in particular Kamianets-Podilskyi Cement Plant, Mykolaiv Cement Plant, and the agricultural sector. The company has grown in terms of creating new subsidiaries engaged in various businesses.” – Dmytro Brodyk.
In 2003 Ukrenergo started to develop new activity areas: the company has opened gas filling stations in Chernivtsi and Kirovohrad, where they started to refuel cars with propane and methane. The same year Halytska Zdoba was founded, a bakery enterprise that has taken leading positions in the market of Lviv region.
In 2005 Ukrenergo started to explore Hutsulivske gas field in Ivano-Frankivsk region. The company drilled 10 wells there. More than 100 mln. cubic meters of gas were extracted there. Since 2017 the affiliate company Ukrenergo – Ingazko started to develop Krasnohirske gas field in Chernivtsi region. Till the end of 2018 2.3 mln. cubic meters of gas were extracted there.

Nadragaz and Energocabel LLC were founded in 2010. Nadragaz continued to be engaged in gas production. Today Energocabel supplies electricity to the territories of the former Kinescope plant, where now a business center is located.

At present, there are 7 companies in Ukrenergo group. They all continue to develop and create new prospective business horizons.