Halytska Zdoba set the record of Ukraine

3 October 2019

The bakers of Halytska Zdoba baking company baked a record-breaking pie – 25 meters 80 centimeters long and weighting 280 kilograms, which is entered into the National Register of Records of Ukraine.

«Галицька здоба» встановила рекорд України

The main warning of representatives of the National Register of Records of Ukraine was that the pie claiming a record would be unbroken, in fact and visually one piece. Halytska Zdoba bakers have managed to achieve this through the use of confectionery hand burners. In ovens of the company it is possible to bake a product not more than 2 meters long. Therefore, they first baked the pieces separately, and only then joined them. About ten bakers baked the pie for almost a day. 70 kg of flour, 300 kilos of potato and 50 kg of buckwheat were used.

The delicious record was set for the 100th anniversary of the West Ukrainian People’s Republic. “We decided to mark this significant date with our professional achievement, not politically, but in a baking manner – we baked a traditional Halychyna’s pie with buckwheat and potato filling," says Nazar Palidovych, commercial director of Halytska Zdoba baking company.
In Halychyna, the name Yavorivskyi pie is more common, but as we performed an event in Mostyska, we present this piece as Mostyskyi pie. This piece was officially entered into the National Register of Records of Ukraine in the category “The longest pie – over 25 meters long”. The Register’s representatives measured its length – 25 meters 80 centimeters!”