“Ukrenergo” LLC decided to actively develop of engineering and consulting favors in petrochemical and chemical industry in 2021.

Our company is an advisor in all aspects of hydrocarbon industry. Our potential clients are – oils companies, gas and chemical companies, investors, financial institutions, jurisprudential companies and regulatory bodies and development agencies.

Our main purpose is to become a company number one in these favors on the market. We are already establishing cooperation with specialists of leading companies with a world name:

Exxon Mobil (USA);

Haldor Topsoe (Denmark);

Baran Group (Israel);

Сhemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH (Germany);

CNGS Group (The Netherlands);

Severodonetsk Orgkhim (Ukraine) and etc.;

We have more than 10 years of cooperative work with analytical companies: Argus, Platts, Creon Energy, Confidence Capital, ChemCurier, Agroindustria Info and etc. We are constantly participants of international petrochemicals and oil refining conferences.



For industrial production:

• Preparation of technical and commercial proposals;

• Development of initial technical data for the design of production facilities;

• Development of design documentation for non-standard equipment and units;

• Development, delivery and adjustment of the process control system;

• Development of design and working documentation;

• Equipment complete set;

• Supply of equipment of own original construction;

• Participation in commissioning and experimental operation of industrial production;

• Technical support of the installation in the 1st year of operation.


From the design of equipment and units:

• Reactors for exothermic and endothermic reactions;

• Adiabatic chemical reactors;

• Chemical reactors with intermediate heat transfer;

• Ejectors of different types on any active and passive components and for any range of parameters;

• Units for supplying liquid to gas streams.


For the manufacture and supply of equipment:

• Ejectors of different types - "gas-gas", "liquid-gas", "liquid-liquid";

• Units for injecting liquid into gas streams;

• Supply of equipment to our partners.


For the development and calculation of material balances, characteristics of chemical-technological processes of any structure:

• Development of technological structures of factories, industrial complexes;

• Development of technological schemes of installations for obtaining various products;

• Determination of optimal structures of separation units, heat exchange, creation of vacuum;

• Calculation of commodity balances of factories, industrial complexes, technological units;

• Determination of characteristics (including thermophysical and transport properties) of material and heat flows of technological units of any structure, flows between units as a part of plants, industrial complexes.


For the supply of catalysts:

• Aromatization of C2, C3, C4 hydrocarbons; C5 +;

• Oligomerization of unsaturated hydrocarbons C3-C4;

• Hydroisomerization of straight-run gasoline fractions.